Fall Travel to Europe Packing Guide

There is starting to be a bit of a bite in the air. The night rolls in a bit earlier each day. The aroma of pumpkin spice floats in the air. You know what time it is! Fall is fast approaching. For me, that means prime time to travel to Europe. I have developed a fall travel packing guide to ensure your autumn getaway to Europe is perfect.

I prefer traveling in the fall for multiple reasons. I have alluded to my preference to travel internationally in the autumn in my previous post (find out how to plan a trip to Europe on a budget). First, you avoid large crowds that tend to flock to popular destinations during summer months. Fewer crowds equate to shorter lines to see famous attractions and fewer people inadvertently photo-bombing your pictures. Additionally, airfare rates and lodging tend to be more inexpensive. There are many ways to find great flight deals (read how to easily find flight deals). I find that travel to Europe during the fall is usually very cheap in the fall and you can find lodging accommodations in your price range that would otherwise be too expensive during the busy season.

The major challenge I face when packing for travel in the fall is that the weather can change drastically throughout the day. You may need a sweater in the morning and by the afternoon, you are sweating profusely wishing you opted to wear a cooler outfit. The key to effortlessly looking fabulous in all weather conditions is to be prepared. Dress in layers so you can add and subtract as needed depending on the changing weather.Additionally, you should try to choose layers that are neutral in order to easily mix and match them. Pack the right combination of essentials and you can have tons of potential cute outfits without needing to over pack. I am a huge proponent of packing light, especially when traveling to Europe.  I love to travel to different places within Europe using budget airlines but they have strict carry-on bag restrictions so packing light is a must. Check out my top ten must-haves to look fab during a trip to Europe in the fall.

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Fall Travel Packing List:

1. Basic T-shirt

Basic T-shirts can easily be paired with virtually anything so it is a great staple to have in your suitcase. Throw one on with a pair of jeans and a cardigan or pair it with a cute skirt and lightweight jacket. The possibilities are endless which means packing a couple of cute, basic T-shirts is essential for outfit versatility and light packing. Try to mix things up by getting t-shirts with prints and cutesy phrases.

2. Cozy Cardigan

Cardigans are a great option you can throw on if the weather is a bit chilly but you don't want to be weighed down by a jacket. I also find it easy to tie a cardigan to the strap of my bag and carry it with me in case the weather gets cold. Depending on your style, you can dress a cardigan up by wearing a nice dress or skirt underneath or make it casual with a t-shirt and jeans.

3. Lightweight Jacket

You will not regret packing a lightweight jacket. It can be layered over a cardigan and scarf on cooler nights or paired with a t-shirt and jeans for a chic daytime look. Given that many of your other pieces will be more neutral to easily mix and match, you should use your jacket as an opportunity to have a pop of color.

4. Versatile Scarf

If you only use scarves as an accessory worn around your neck, you are limiting its utility. Scarves can be thrown around your shoulder or across your legs during a long flight in a frigid cabin. If you plan to visit historic cathedrals in Europe or the Vatican, you can use a scarf to cover bare shoulders. When I was caught in a sudden downpour in Rome while touring Palatine Hill, I wrapped a scarf around my head to cover my hair as I attempted to find shelter. I recently found out about scarves that have a secret pocket that can store valuables safe from pick pockets!

5. Leggings

For most jet-setters, leggings are a staple item. They are lightweight and don't take up much room in a carry-on. Additionally, they are so comfortable and perfect to travel in. Use caution if you plan to travel first or business class because some airlines have strict dress codes, though leggings can be dressed up with a nice cardigan and flats. Leggings come in a multitude of styles which can jazz up an otherwise plain outfit without sacrificing comfort.

6. Sweater tights

Sweater tights and fleece-lined tights are clutch. These are thicker and much warmer than regular tights but look the same under skirts. Not only do I wear tights with skirts on chillier days, I also like to wear them under leggings during flights for added warmth. If you can't tell, I am all about being warm on flights. In addition, sweater tights come in different textures and patterns which can add another element to your travel ensemble.

7. Comfy Skirts

I love to throw at least one or two cotton skirts in my suitcase because they are very adaptable. You can easily dress them up or down depending on your destination. I usually pack both a knee-length or midi length skirt along with a maxi skirt to mix and match with t-shirts.

8. Trendy Jeans

Packing jeans in your carry-on should go without saying. I like to travel in jeans that are comfortable, like boyfriend jeans which have a more relaxed fit. Jeans with more of a stretchy fabric tend to also be more comfortable and are easy to move around in. Perk up your jean collection by also adding jeans with colors other than denim blue.

9. Compact Umbrella

One consequence of traveling during the fall is that there can be intermittent downpours. Packing a compact umbrella that easily fits into your everyday bag will save you from getting soaked and ruining your day.

10. Chic Sneakers

I am a believer in walking as much as possible when I travel. You can see more sights and stumble upon off-the-beaten-path wonders when you explore a city on foot. You can cover miles in a day of exploring and your feet will thank you if you wear comfortable shoes. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. There are some fashionable options in cute colors that will ensure you look fabulous while keeping your feet happy.

I hope this list is helpful in planning what to pack for an amazing trip to Europe or anywhere abroad during the fall/winter season. Happy travels!!!